Scripture Union Australia is committed to the safety and care of Children and Young People. We are proud of our work in this area. After several years of internal development, Scripture Union Australia launched ChildSafe Limited, a Harm Prevention Charity, to assist various organisations with child safety. ChildSafe is now used across a wide and growing range of churches and other community organisations working with children, young and vulnerable people. ChildSafe is the standard Safety Management System used for all Scripture Union programs and activities in Australia and New Zealand.

Recently upgraded, ChildSafe SP3 provides organisations working with children, young and vulnerable people an integrated system of safety and care. ChildSafe SP3 is an easy-to-use Safety Management System consisting of standards, processes, roles, documentation and training for people at every level of the organisation conducting programs for participants of all ages, but especially children and vulnerable people. ChildSafe also developed a proprietary web-based Safety Management Online system enabling organisations with a 24/7 safety management capability.

Find out more on the ChildSafe website www.childsafe.org.au