Fun, fellowship and faith at Melrose

More than 100 campers and leaders enjoyed an amazing weekend of worshipping God, making friends, and fun activities
at this year’s Melrose Easter Camp in the Flinders Ranges.

Camp Directors, Sarah and Ben Treasure, say this year’s event is the largest in years, which means even more young people experienced God’s love and Good News.

“Our key speaker for camp was Keely Landry from the Northern Territory. She did an amazing job in connecting everyone to God and having a lasting impact on our campers,” Sarah says.

“Fellowship is an important part of camp. It’s such a pleasure to watch campers arrive on-site and see them connect with new people and create lifelong friendships.”

Campers enjoyed many games filled with challenges and plenty of action, including Capture the Flag and a ‘humungous camp-wide’ game of Snakes and Ladders.

“It was hilarious watching the campers manage the giant skis,” Sarah recalls.

Campers also participated in a wide selection of workshops from archery to polymer clay moulding.

One highlight was the song-writing workshop, where participating campers had the opportunity to perform the song they wrote. Check out our SU in South Australia Facebook page to see some of our amazing performers.

“It was a great reminder of the unique gifts God has given each person,” says Sarah.

This is only a small snapshot of all that happened on camp. Thank God for an amazing experience, and a big thank you to all our wonderful volunteers and team members who helped make this possible.

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