Hostility becomes curiosity at Turner Family Festival Mission

Championing Bible engagement goes to the very core of who SU is here in Australia and worldwide. It’s why many faithful friends like you have continued to support this movement in prayer, finances and through volunteering your time.

It’s certainly the heart behind our Turner Family Festival event, which takes place in Augusta, Western Australia each year. Set on the doorstep of Blackwood River and Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park, this annual mission engages with hundreds of children and families who take part in the various activities our SU teams run onsite.

During the most recent Turner Family Festival Mission, SU Australia team member Rachel encountered a young girl who was ‘very hostile’ to the idea of Jesus.

“She was quite vocal and the rest of the girls in the group were rather quiet. I was concerned that she may dominate the conversations, making the other girls afraid to speak up.”

“I knew I didn’t have control over this and so together with our other team members we prayed over the course of the week for this situation.”

As the week continued, Rachel saw a change…

“Over the week she became less angry and hostile toward Jesus. In fact, she was becoming more curious.”

“On our very last group session, she (along with some other girls in the group) wanted to ask Jesus into her life,” says Rachel.

What an amazing change in the space of a week! Rachel provided the young girl with a Gospel of Luke, and she spoke with her about how whenever we are worried or concerned that we can always pray to God for his help.

“After many years at the Turner Family Festival, this year seemed to be a year where the Lord worked in people’s hearts in a really powerful way,” says Rachel.

Thank you for all you do to support SU community missions all across the nation – we couldn’t do it without you.

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