Josiah’s career change to work for Eternity

Why would you leave a profession you loved and found great satisfaction in?

This is the question that 28-year-old Josiah Clarke asked himself, as he left his beloved teaching position in Tamworth to move to the town of Dubbo in central-west New South Wales.

“I know what I do in the classroom, and through the connection with families, that it can have an extraordinary impact on children for their whole lives,” Josiah shares.

“But now I have a job that can have an eternal impact.”

Josiah commenced his new role as a paid SRE (Scripture/RI) teacher with Generate SU Australia ealier this year. He is part of a team of staff and volunteers who teach at primary schools across Dubbo.

Funded through local fundraising by an SRE Board, his job as an SRE educator is to “enable students to question, explore and discover more about the Christian faith,” Josiah explains.

In Year 7, Josiah walked out of Scripture class at school and made a decision to follow Jesus. He’s never looked back since.

Working alongside a team that includes long-serving SRE teachers, Jonathan Luckensmeyer and Peter Volkofsky, Josiah is excited to serve in this new role.

“For me, without Jesus I would be profoundly lost. This is where I find meaning, energy, peace,and purpose. It’s where I find permeating joy, even in tough times. I can now share this hope each day with children across the schools I work in.”

Your support makes it possible for SU and Generate team members like Josiah to answer God’s call so more children and young people can discover life.

*Generate is a member of the SU Australia family, providing SRE and chaplaincy services in NSW.

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