SUPA Summa Fun at Mannum (River Mission) in South Australia

What an exciting time for mission in Mannum. In this current climate when ideas and wants don’t always make it to reality, our mission was an inspiration.

Myself and Colin were close contacts a week out from mission. We had our tests and all was negative, which was a positive, or so we thought. This did not allow us to be in the midst of mission as we wanted. As per SA Health guidelines and wanting to keep everyone safe we were not allowed to be in close contact with children and others.

However we were able to join the team for breakfast, worship and planning, then helped to set up and do background painting on the mega art. When the children started to arrive we took our leave and went home where we were able to sit on our front porch to watch and listen to the fun being had by everyone down on Mary Ann Reserve. This was bittersweet.

A child poking their smiling face through a hole in the mega art project, making them look like part of the artwork

Returning later to help pack up, it was amazing to see what the children had accomplished with the mega art and see it develop into the amazing picture that was in front of me.

On Wednesday morning one of our team members wasn’t feeling well and went home to be tested and recuperate. Unfortunately their test was positive. The decision was made to err on the side of caution and the final day of mission was cancelled.

We set about packing up all the gazebos, paints, craft and sound equipment under a small cloud of disappointment. But in hindsight the mission grew in the three days it ran. Monday there were 10 children, Tuesday 11, and Wednesday 17.

Thursday morning at breakfast one team member said how sad it was that we didn’t have our finale. Then someone spoke up and reminded us that yesterday everyone was on a real high. The children were really happy and looking forward to the next day. God is in control and Wednesday was our finale. The mission ended on a high and next year those children will be here waiting for Supa Summa Fun.

Written by Claire, Mannum (River Mission) SUPA Team, South Australia