You helped Jess discover Jesus at Merry Beach

At SU, we love seeing our volunteer leaders equipped and trained to share the Good News, even when things are challenging. 

We saw a beautiful example of this at Merry Beach Mission (MBM) this January, when our team was faced with all sorts of trials. Between last minute management changes at the campsite, to setting up and packing down marquees on the beach several times a day due to poor weather, the mission was a cocktail of unexpected hurdles. 

“It was challenging beyond belief and the weather was appalling,” explains MBM director, Rob. 

To make matters worse, on the very first morning, the team was set up and ready to go… but no kids showed up. It was an MBM first, and incredibly discouraging. Yet instead of giving up, the team turned to God, recalls team member Rachael.

“We realised we just had to persevere. Our faithfulness to God is what matters, not how many kids come along to our programs.” 

The team continued running programs and events, as well as meeting for team devotions daily.  

Every morning, the team met to read Ephesians and to prayerfully encourage one another to keep serving. Through the week young people came along and started asking questions. 

Rachael recalls one young teen, Jess*, who had so many questions and was interested to explore more about Christianity.

Even when she went off to participate in the games and activities, she would always come back to finish the conversation, and ask more questions. 

Rachael encouraged Jess to read the Bible for herself, and continue exploring who Jesus is. 

It’s interactions like this that makes even the most challenging ministries worth it. At SU, we are so blessed to have volunteers like Rachael, who faithfully serve God and love others. 

When you invest in SU’s ministries, you invest in equipping these volunteers to boldly overcome challenges and proclaim their faith and love of Jesus, in SU’s programs and beyond. Thank you! 

*Name has been changed for privacy reasons. 

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